Face to face

Our Face-to-Face field team includes approx. 50 interviewers in locations around the country.

Phone interviews

Use of the Internet is not always consistent across the various socio-demographic strata, and there are vast territorial differences.


Good solution for Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Brand Awareness, Positioning Surveys, and custom-tailored surveys on specific topics.

Focus group

Uur qualitative facility is among the tools that effectively aid in gathering research data. Our new and modern facility is equipped with all the latest technology.

In depth interview

One to one loosely structured interview. It allows freedom for both the interviewer and the interviewee to explore additional points and change direction, if necessary.

Dialogue temporary community

A hybrid between the quantitative and the qualitative approach, that a provide a sure success in internal audit and cooperative discussions.

Ethnographic interview

Is a type of qualitative research that combines immersive observation and directed one-on-one interviews.

Web sentiment

Start the experience listening from the on-line tribe or from different sub communities, which share their point of view and create value and reputation.

Emotional tracking

Learn from the implicit dark world gives a access key to what is close to core of the human being values and needs.


Product test

In the area of Product tests we bring a decade of experience to the field. We are specialists in conducting product tests that offer a widely diversified array of services.

Community building

Creating your own community is the best way to build a solid brand reputation. Work for your audience, not for your target.

ADV test

Our approach to AD test focuses on the early phases of creativity, assisting the client along the test & learn journey in order to design and create an emotional bond.

Brand positioning

We help you to find the best positioning for your Brand.

Customer care

Our strategy is always customer focused, because we are strongly convinced that caring your customer is the best way for caring your business.

Virtual reality

We offer the best in terms of creative and innovative solutions for our clients. Sky is the limit.



team image
Michele Bergonzi
Communication and M.R.
Branding, Digital Marketing, CSR and community building are what I am passionate about.
team image
Elio Dalprato
Since 25 years focused and involved on our customers objectives.
team image
Roberta Cavallaro
Field manager
I have nearly 30 years of experience in fieldwork and activities related to market research.
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Serafina Schittino
Qualitative Expert
Psychologist, since 10 years focused on qualitative research, in every possible declination.